How to choose face paint set for your summer creative activities?

In summer face painting is especially relevant. Both kids and adults like this playful process and amazing paintings on their faces and bodies. To add some adventures in your summer vocations you may need a good face paint set.

The main characteristics of good face paint set for children are safety and high quality. Because colorful paints will be applying right on the skin. How to find a face paint set of good quality and do not spend too much money you will find out in this overview.  

The main qualities of excellent face paint set

The main qualities of excellent face paint set

Are you looking for a new colorful activity for children or preparing family holiday? Maybe, you work with children as an animator and want to diversify their activities? All these situations indicate, that you extremely need a face paint set for them. You can find some useful advice on how to choose it properly.  

Children like to make different paints on their faces. Sometimes they want to make it if they see face painting is done. Coloring the face is a type of safe body painting. And lots of teenagers and sometimes elders like to get paintings on different places of their body.  So, it’s important to bring color in your body? You have only to buy good face paint set and start to create.

Some secrets of the face paint set up: how to make a bright painting?

There are many situations, when you can see people with face painting: celebrating, festival, public holidays and football matches. Here you’ll learn about how to choose the suitable kind of face painting and method of face paint set up. They may be different for diverse situations. Moreover, before buying or ordering the paint kit you should decide on what you would want to be painting and number of faces or bodies, that require painting. You have also to take into account how many people would be working as “painters”.

You may need another accessorize for better face paint set up, not only face kit, for making really perfect painting. Remember about them before beginning to create.

  • Mirror – it will be better to have a big one;
  • Applicators and a set of brushes. These should be more, the better;
  • Mixing palette for better use of paintings.

You’ll need also clean water, towels or paint remover wipes to adjust the creative process. 

How to find the best face paint starter set?

If you are reading this article, you may be the beginning artist of face painting. And as well you need a starter set for face painting. Here you can find tips on how to find the optimal face paint starter set. There are three main color palettes you may choose for you beginning the way of the face and body artist. Three main color types you can find below:

  • Neon Colors. They are very popular for night parties, concerts and evening events. They look like glow under sunlight and will glow in the darkness.
  • Matte are the mostwidespread and you can find them almost in all special shops for painters and on special online platforms. They have brunched color palette and you can mix them on special mixing palette before applying. Colors of this kind can have extra matte or a glossy finish. Besides, they offer the best coverage and the permanent looks. 
  • Metallic or pearl colors. They contain special pigments, which helps to have unique metallic or pearly look. They have a shimmery like effect. That’s why they are great for adding shine to your festive design. They will look especially advantageous on the sea coast. 

Here are the most popular color kinds, but you can find another kind if looking in special places for such art. In a face paint starter set you may find mainly matte colors (12 or more) and maybe some pearl. Neon colors, if you need them, you have to buy separately. But if you work only with your family and friends, these two kinds will be enough to make a perfect design for day of evening look.  Face paint starter set may also contain brushes and other devices for applying color, you can use it or order special one.

Starter set for children and home use. Some special characteristics of such face paint

face color

If you are looking for face paint starter set for children, you have to pay attention to a brighter palette. As well, colors should be:

  • Good for sensitive skin;
  • Resist a moderate amount of sweat
  • Don’t cause any adverse side effects (be hypoallergenic as well as FDA compliant and non-toxic)
  • Friendly to environment and animals.

Is it more clear now how to choose the proper starter set for your kids? You may ask consultant in a shop about hypoallergenic and “green” colors and receive a list of those face paints that meet all safety criteria.

Do you need a face paint stencil set?

If you’re very beginning on the way to becoming a face paint artist, a face paint stencil set may become very useful for you. Painting with stencils helps to make your work easier and comfortable, and also reduces preparation time. A face paint stencil set is a helpful tool to enhance your work. You can pay more attention to colors and will be able to realize your idea faster.  Moreover, with a face paint stencil set, you can easily intricate details to your creative design. It may help you accomplish shapes and textures that are very hard to do freehand.

The paint set for amazing face painting and your safety

Before buying a new face painting paint set you need to become sure that the color kit meets dermatology and cosmetology standards.  The most recognized institution in the world that conducts research and confirms compliance with standards is the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA logo on the packaging is a greater certainty that children’s face paints will not sensitize their sensitive skin and that you will not paint our children’s mouths with unchecked fakes.

Choose only those face painting paint set, which is absolutely safe for the skin of your kid and will give only fun during the painting process!

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