Vallejo Face Painting Set and its’ opportunities for painting

Vallejo Face Painting

If you prefer face painting as an art or hobby, you may hear about Vallejo face painting set and its’ advantages. It’s water basic acrylic paint which is formulated for streak-free brush painting especially, and cover in one application without leaving brush marks. So it’s popular among the great amount of the professional face artists and early beginners.

If you are interested in ordering this kind of a painting set, you may find several good tips for this.  You have to decide what kind of kit do you need – for beginners or a professional one? Vallejo face paint set may appear among them. And after that look for a proper set for you. Below you can find clear instructions how to choose face painting kit for your needs amd level of practice.

This is another practical question about how to use Vallejo face painting set if you already have it. This paint is made with finely-ground pigments, which goes on smoothly and covers well, even with just one thin coat.

Surface details won’t be obliterated, and the resulting matte finish is long-lasting and waterproof as well. Which advantages have this set? Odor-free and non-toxic composition, cleaning easily by clear water. Most of the sets include eight 17 ml bottles with dropper-style tips for easy dispensing.

Instructions for the Vallejo face painting set may be different

Here you can find the clear instructions how to apply paints and make an amazing picture easily and without any problems. 

  • Add clear water, flour and lotion into a bowl.
  • Mix ingredients and make sure the paint consistency is proper. If you want to thicken, add more cornstarch. To thin out the mixture, add more water.
  • Food coloring may also be useful.

How long does it take to dry your painting? Different weather conditions may affect drying process. This color product is the best used in moderate temperature of 22º Celsius and humidity nor higher than 70%, and are easily peeled from a non-porous surface after a 24 hours period.

Air model is used directly or diluted with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner or Flow Improver. It‘s recommended to first prime the surface, and after apply model-air in some layers. This colors dry very rapidly and form a homogenous paint film of extraordinary resistance while preserving even the smallest detail of the model.

Vallejo Face Painting

The Vallejo face painting advantages for users

This kind of face painting you can find in different online stores and order directly from one of them.

Perfect platform for buying artistic goods is Amazon. The Vallejo face painting set may

be also among them.  Almost every customer wants to receive the best purchase for the low price. To follow this rule, you may find Vallejo face painting online and do not spend too much money. Why it’s good idea to stop your choice on the Vallejo face paint? It has plenty advantages, for example, compact packaging and comfort in use. If you work with it for first time, it will not become a problem to understand how to apply it on face and to remove properly just with water, if necessary.

And some more “secrets” about using face painting by Vallejo. The layer need to dry before you can successfully complete the detailed line work on the top. If a base layer is damp, all lines will bleed out into it. You have to wait a little longer for the base to dry on rainy days, but the result will be worth it, and it will help you to avoid frustration. While you’re waiting for your piece of art to dry, it is the time to add glitter, if necessary. It  needs the face paint to be slightly damp in order to stick to it well. 

Why Vallejo face painting as the best choice?

To receive the best result, test the paint on the back of your hand to make sure you have a good thick consistency. If the face paint drips, then you have too much water. If not, it’s correct consistency. If you use Vallejo set, it is the easy way to make optimal variant for painting. If you have more questions and need more information about the painting set characteristics, you can find it on our other blogs. Post and articles have lots of actual information about face painting, accessorizes, techniques and equipment. 

Vallejo Face Painting Set and its’ opportunities for painting
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