Neon face paint near me and how to make face paint more bright at the night time?

Neon face painting is absolutely amazing in the evening time and in dark rooms with special lighting. Lots of people who prefer such kind of face paint are happy to see near somebody with neon colors on the face also. It’s an amazing look at festivals, celebrations, special events, and parties.

Why neon face paint is looking so special? It’s UV active paint, also called luminous or fluorescent paint. In day time it’s also amazing.  Most of our neon face paints are day-glow, which means they mostly have a glowing effect in regular daylight. And only need to be exposed to light to be charged. Once charged, they will glow in a dark space.

How to choose a neon face paint set for your art and be sure it’s safe?

 neon face paint

Neon face paint is mostly used by professional face artists, rarely by amateurs, but almost all like this glittering effect, which it gives. But there are some “secrets” to make face painting with this kind of paint.

  • Safety for the skin. To get around compliance issues, paint manufacturers decided to label Neon/UV face paints as “special FX products” or “Not for use on Skin” etc. They all have the same intention; warn the customer that the product is not considered a cosmetic in the USA. This has been in effect over 30 years.
  • How the color “shine” in the dark? At some point the FDA will choose to test those pigments if they consider it a public health priority, or the food and drug industry companies could request an FDA approval after following the steps required by the FDA to do so.
  • Can I use this kind of paints and be sure it’s safe 1oo%? This is a personal decision to make. In fact, thousands of face artists, including well known professionals use them and have been using for years without any issues. You should remember that no one has determined the pigments to be unsafe (like for example with the pigment used in the so called “black henna” which has been determined a very dangerous pigment). 

Certainly, before you choose the correct neon face paint set you should decide on what you would want to be painting and the number of faces that require painting. You have also take into account how many people would be doing the job of coloring the faces.

Neon face paint near me: how to add miracle to the face painting process?

If you are making face art for parties, you would be aware of beforehand the type and the number of colors which you would require. When you see that there is a big group of people who need to have face painting, you should order kits which have more than one brush and sponge, and other accessories.

When you see people with colorful faces, which shine in the darkness, it’s really wonderful. Neon faces near you – it’s anyway very exciting and magically. And almost every painter wants to invent such magic in festival life.

 neon face paint

Your first neon face paint you can buy online

If you need neon face paint for your colorful experiments right now, you can order it online on one of the market platforms.

We have to notice, that when you are choosing your face paint you can buy online you should be careful enough to ensure that your face paint is safe enough and friendly for sensitive facial skin and the environment. You can find paints in different sets with brushes, sponges, and other important small details. Find your best and become a professional artist with neon face paint!

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