How to find the face paint brush set and to use it properly?

face color

The face colors are the paints which are designed for the human skin, some of them are suitable even for children and sensitive type of skin. You can find different kinds of color kits and have great options to choose them from. Also, you can find kits which have glimmers and shimmers and even glow in the dark.

To apply paints on a face or body you’ll need brushes for painting and some other accessories. If you’re looking for really good and high-quality face paint brush set, here you can find several tips. Read the article below and become sure you make the right choice.

The face paint brush set: important element of the great face painting

The proper accessorize are the elements of perfect face painting in any situation. Here is some good advice how to find and use them in the right way and get the best result.

You can find the good quality ones in special cases, bags or accessorize sets. Besides protection features they also may look great! Each kind of brush makes its own unique strokes and can be used for different effects! Find your optimal face paint brush set and make the perfect paint!

Before ordering a face paint brush, pay attention to these aspects

  • Wooden or acrylic handles. Both acrylic and wooden ones work well. Many face artists prefer to have both kinds, but keep in mind that wooden may swell in water, and sometimes you’ll experience cracking in the finish on the handles when it happens. You can solve this problem by letting a face paint brush to dry out completely and then applying a coat of polyurethane to the handle above the ferule, but by laying brushes flat while using them and not allowing them to stand in water, you’re less likely to experience the cracking in a brush.
  • Rigger, liner and script brush. The most popular in a face paint brushes set is liner – also well known as a rigger brush, has a long, slender bristle area. It comes in various sizes. The main advantage of a script is that it holds more paint, so you don’t have to load as frequently while painting lines. Also liners produce best results with wax paints, which tend to flow easily from a brush.
  • Bright and flat. Which is the best?  You may notice a bright referred to as a chisel bright or blender from some art suppliers. It’s because the bristles taper off in length on either side of the brush as they approach the very tip of the face paint brush, meaning they hold less paint and therefore can be used more easily for blending. Other brushes may also be made in this way, but you can pull the brush to the side and create a slender line with the tip of the bristles. 
  • For what purpose the angle brush is? An angle brush for face painting looks like

a flat, but the bristles are cut at an angle so it is shorter on one side and longer on the other. It’s not too often uses, bit sometimes is necessary.  It’s often used for making floral paintings of different kinds: leaves, roses and even butterflies.

  • The wisp brush. This kind is also useful in a face paint brushes set. This kind of brush can to take the basic form of an angle, falt or filbert one. Some of bristles are trimmed short, what allows to make some parallel lines at the same time when the brush is dragged across a surface. Such kind of brushes may add an delicate extra effects to a design, so it’s worth experimenting with to see if it’s a good choice for you.

Your perfect face brush kit for amazing colorful paintings

          Certainly you may also use makeup brushes for applying face paint. It’s good when you need to put down a beautiful, even layer of color over big area. But face brush kit needs to be near during you making the face art. Even you’re on the beginning of your face artist career colors application is your personal choice and there are different kits for the needs of each customer. Your best face brush kit for colorful design may contain three brushes, may thirty – it depends on your needs and style of painting.

When you are working with lots of people all day long it’s hard do not to lose your accessorize and brushes especially. If you go to the face painting conventions or jams, mark your brushes with a stroke of fingernail polish or strip of electric tape so that you can identify them if they get mixed up while you are painting with other artists. 

How to find the face paint brush set and to use it properly?
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