How to find the face paint brush set and to use it properly?

The face colors are the paints which are designed for the human skin, some of them are suitable even for children and sensitive type of skin. You can find different kinds of color kits and have great options to choose them from. Also, you can find kits which have glimmers and shimmers and even glow […]

Vallejo Face Painting Set and its’ opportunities for painting

If you prefer face painting as an art or hobby, you may hear about Vallejo face painting set and its’ advantages. It’s water basic acrylic paint which is formulated for streak-free brush painting especially, and cover in one application without leaving brush marks. So it’s popular among the great amount of the professional face artists […]

The face paint setting spray for your colorful adventures

Different face painting activities are very popular among children, adults, creative people, festival visitors, and fans. For each purpose there are many face painting kits, face paint setting spray and accessorizes for them, you can find really what you want and need. If you want to make face paint for your children, friends or for […]

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